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Makgosi Creations is an exciting business in the field of the costume jewellery, clothing, accessories, décor (handcrafted), and corporate gifts.

The business is founded and owned by Makgosi Motlolometsi who studied Bcom HRM but developed and discovered her own art and new angle in jewellery and accessories, that resulted in a new dimension in jewellery designing and became symptoms of keeping up with fashion.

The dazzle of our products is something that no woman or man can avoid. The sheer pleasure of owning a piece of exquisitely crafted clothing and jewellery that is the envy of others cannot be described in words. Understanding the tendency of our customers to flaunt their valuable items, we present unique and innovative products that exceed our customer's expectations.

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You have to make these big decisions. Be so very light. Be a gentle whisper.
Delicate craftsmanship
Innovative designs
Competitive prices

Our Story

Since the inception of our company we have made an incredible mark in the minds of our customers, influencing the latest trends in the fashion market. The mesmerizing range of our products that we manufacture comprises of beaded necklace, beaded earrings, beaded bracelets, traditional clothing, formal clothing, casual clothing, bags belts, beaded sandals and corporate gifts.

We use an assorted of materials like glass, plastics, beads, leather, bones, horns etc. to craft our seductive and decent array of our products. It is always taken into consideration that the quality of the raw materials that we use is of the highest grade. Hence stringiest checks are done before these materials are brought into our production unit.

You can create beautiful things - but you have to see them in your mind first. Trees grow however makes them happy.


The array of our products is finely crafted to bring the brilliant designs to life. The importance of the base material and its quality cannot be ignored if we want an outstanding outcome. Hence, we use only that materials and has been approved by our quality inspectors in the initial stages sourcing. Our products have a mass appeal as their designs keep changing according to the changing fashion trends. The multitude of our products is renowned for its beauty, rarity, fashion, durability and individual taste.

You have to make these big decisions. Be so very light. Be a gentle whisper. At home you have unlimited time.
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